Friday, May 3

Lone Peak Prom 2013

  I know this is a major miracle...........
Lone Peak Prom is tonight and I am already putting pictures up!!

Daniel took Jade, his girlfriend.......
They are such a cute couple and have been dating for awhile.
He did not want pictures taken but Nan Ham and I went to the restaurant
where they were having dinner to get a few shots.
I am sure Daniel was humiliated.....
But what boy is not embarrassed by his mom every once in awhile?

 Daniel is seriously such a good looking kid!!
As his mom, I can say that!!

Daniel's Group of friends.......

I love the above picture.............

(Two blog posts this week.  I could not be more proud of myself!!)

Tuesday, April 30


 So here goes................
My attempt at trying to get caught up with my blogging!
I have failed miserably this year and have just got further and further behind.
So much has gone on this past winter and I will get to it all at some time or another
but for now will do Easter, sort of.......
Because we would not be home for Easter this year,
(Noah Has a basketball tournament in Vegas)
We sort of did Easter the Sunday before
Decorating eggs and Cookies 
and having an Easter Egg Hunt with the younger kids.

A few days later the kids did an Easter dinner with James at his house.
He had an Easter Bunny come.......

It was kind of a strange Easter not being home and all
but I think we made it work.
My next post will be about Easter in Vegas and Spring Break...
Hopefully, it will not take me 2 months until that post!!

Sunday, February 24

Pinewood Derby 2012

 A few weeks ago was the Pine Wood Derby in our ward.
Noah got 3rd Place over all.
And he got the award for "Best Sportsmanship"
That award he has gotten 2 years in a row now.
Every year he tries to do a cool car design.
This year I encouraged him to just go for speed. He did take my advice,
but made it into a Utah Jazz car.
His car averaged 231.4 miles an hour. Not sure how the track computer
figures that out but that's what it said! Cool!!

 Way to go Noah!
So sad, it is his last Pine Wood Derby.........
Feels like we have been doing them for years!
Next year Dakota will be a scout so I guess we will go cheer him on,
so in reality we still have a lot more Pine Wood Derbys.
We just don't have to worry about doing the car!
That will be nice..............

Saturday, February 16

February Birthdays

  This past week we celebrated the kids February Birthdays.
Daniel turned 17 on the 2nd.
Autumn turned 24 on the 8th,
and McKenzie will turn 21 on the 24th.
Of course the cake as always was amazing,
 and I found these fun candles that had colored flames!

 The kids all chipped in and got James a giant chess set
for his Birthday that was on February 4th.

Happy Birthday
Hope everyone had a great Birthday!!
Still cannot believe Daniel is 17................(heavy sigh)!!  

Wednesday, January 9

Skiing after 14 years.............

  Last week my friends were texting and someone asked if anyone wanted to go skiing.
Without hesitation I responded, "I do!'
Mind you, I have not been skiing for 14 years...........
I have had several excuses and reasons why I have not gone,
but thought "What the heck!"
Of course when I told my younger boys I was going they could not control their laughter.
They have never seen me ski. Noah actually feared for my life.
That is exactly why I was not going with them. 
As Monday approached I did get nervous and actually came up with a few really good excuses
not to go.  As others canceled, I tried to also, but my friend Delin was 
not letting me out of it. So I bit the bullet and went...................
and absolutely had the time of my life.
Beautiful gorgeous day. Not a lot of people up there. Nobody to laugh or make fun.
 I actually surprised myself and did just fine.
I need to work on my form a little, but with time, things came back.
It was so very much fun.
Riding the Gondola up the mountain I was sure I was going to pee I was so nervous.
Then putting the skis on and getting on the chairlift freaked me out alittle.
Mostly the anticipation of getting off of the chairlift was getting to me,
but I did fine. I really dont think anybody would have guessed I had not been on skis in 14 years!
 Can hardly wait to go again. Kind of thinking maybe once a week............
It was very liberating.............

The last week or so has been so cold.
Last week this was the reading on my phone at 9:23 a.m.
Are you kidding me??????

I thought it was interesting that the actual Temp was 15 degrees lower than
what they listed the low for the day as being.
Luckily, it is warming up slightly this week.
It is noon and it 16 degrees out!  We are practically having a heatwave!!

Friday, January 4

New Years 2013

 Heading into the New Year
we got way too much snow in my opinion.
First year in 15 years that I could not make it to my house from the bottom of the sub division.
Not a fun thing to happen at nearly mid night.
With the help of Bobby and some walking we made it home.
I now have some much needed new tires on my car and hopefully the snow will no longer be an issue!
Hopefully it will just stop snowing!! That is my hope!!
Not a big fan of snow!!

 For the 3rd year in a row Noah and I spent New Years alone at home
while everyone else was out with friends.
Don't know what I will do when Noah is old enough to go out with friends!!
Noah was totally into the staying up until 12 and saved it on his I pod
as proof that he made it to midnight!!
He looks a little tired in the below picture.  Hunter said he looked drunk!!
Kind of. Not sure you can get drunk off of Martinellis!
Love how the tree looks like he is wearing a hat!

The shirt Noah is wearing is his "Motto" shirt,

"Some People Want it to Happen.
Some People Wish it would Happen.
And Others Make it Happen"

That is a good Motto and maybe a goal and 
New Years Resolution for us all to have.......

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

I promise, pictures from Christmas soon.......... 

Sunday, December 16

It is beginning to look like Christmas........

 Not sure I could get any further behind in my blogging.
My last post was Halloween
and now Christmas if fast approaching. Just a little over a week away.
Even though the house has been decorated and ready for Christmas for over a month
the outside is just barely starting to look ready........
but with snow the last couple of days, and a couple more days of expected snow,
I think it will be a white Christmas.

 Bobby was up last night and he knows how much I hate the snow,
but he kept talking about how beautiful it was.
I took the above pictures today and have to admit that yes it is beautiful,
I just wish it would figure out a way to stay off of my driveway!!

If the only thing I had to do was sit around and enjoy it's beauty I would be good!
If I lived anywhere else I would be the biggest fan of snow!
But as it is, I am referred to as the "Snow Grinch"
But, in the Spirit of Christmas,
I am going to try to change my attitude for a week or so and try to enjoy it!!

The tree is up!!
I got a new tree this year!  Noah picked a flocked one!
It is 12 feet, and I love it!
Mostly because all of the lights work and none of the branches are broken!!

The Stockings are all hung! We do not have room for too many more.....
Love seeing all of these stockings as we add new members to the family!
Would not mind making room for a few more grandchildren............

Nearly every shelf in the family room is filled with Noah's Nativity collection!
It seems we add a couple every year!

I love the Eskimo Nativity!

There are too many to take pictures of but these are favorites.

The above nativity I found in Hawaii last year,
and below is my favorite.
I got it a few years ago in Mexico.
It is completely made out of leather. I love, love, love it!
Loved it so much, when I bought it I gave them exactly what they were asking for it!
No bartering..............

Every year I try to get a new Children's Christmas book.
This is the one I got this year.
I have always loved hearing this story from when President Thomas Monson
was a boy. So fun they made it into a picture book!

Got this picture for Noah this year and am using it for a center piece!
So sweet..............

Love the Holiday Season.............
It will be gone before we know it, so I am just trying to enjoy it
and not be so busy and stressed trying to get ready that I don't.
So far, so good.........We will see how I hold out though with just one week left!!