Wednesday, September 22

Family Night Cook Out!

On Monday night we decided to do a little family cook out
for Family Night.
I got a fun idea from a friend.....
You use the Pillsbury Crescents and wrap them around hot dogs
and roast them over the fire pit!
Kind of like Pigs in a Blanket, only over an open fire.
Never would have thought of doing that.
But it was really good. The kids loved them!
They didn't quite have the patience for cooking them slowly so the
crescent would cook all the way and not be doughy.
They just wanted to catch them on fire and blacken them like they do
their hot dogs and marshmallows.
(I think they would have preferred to have their own private chef,
in a chef hat and apron standing there and doing all of the cooking for them!)

Hunter then got the idea to wrap the dough around the end of a stick and cook it
so it was like a little cup.
And then after it cooked he pulled it off and filled it with Strawberry Jam
and whip cream! They all thought that was yummy!

The best idea of all though, I thought anyway, because I liked it best.....
was making smores using peanut butter cups instead of chocolate.
Really, really good!

Daniel used both....putting the marshmallow in the middle!

Does it seem, no matter where my boys are,
there is always a football in hand or close by?

Hunter likes to burn everything!
Which is o.k. as long as he eats it. That is the rule!

Noah spent the rest of Family Night making this really cool and scary
Haunted House out of foam sheets!

He worked so hard on it and did it all by himself.
It turned out so good.
He is our Mr. Arts and Crafts! He loves making things!

Pretty Scary...and pretty good for a 7 year old!

It was a fun family night!
So weird that we are down to 3 boys at home for family night...
I feel so out numbered suddenly!

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Jackie said...

We were doing pretty good with a family night until summer arrived and then it seemed as if we were all so busy, but still spending a lot of time together at the same time. I love the haunted house, he did a very nice job!!